Miss LI

Miss LI

 Miss Li,原名Linda Carlson,1980年出生的瑞典藝人。09年發布的第五張專輯收錄了iPOD nano第五代廣告曲"Bourgeois Shangrila",為2009年iTunes Store熱賣曲。
  • 外文名稱
    Miss LI
  • 別    名
    Linda Carlson
  • 國    籍
  • 出生日期


Miss Li,原名Linda Carlson,1980年出生的瑞典藝人。09年發布的第五張專輯收錄了iPOD nano第五代廣告曲"Bourgeois Shangrila",為2009年iTunes Store熱賣曲。


從2006年出道至今,Miss Li所取得的成績是有目共睹的,她也已成為瑞典流行樂壇最被看好的明日之星。2006年12月發行處女作"Late Night heartbroken Blues",2007年5月發行"God put a rainbow in the sky",2007年10月17日發行第三張專輯"Songs Of A Rag doll"。期間,她在瑞典重要的幾大音樂節和俱樂部表演了上百次,也于今年春天在法國,荷蘭,俄羅斯,美國相繼演出。她的單曲"I'm Sorry, He is mine"拿到了瑞典大學生排行榜的冠軍,單曲"oh boy"成為英國真人秀"24"和"lost"的預告片插曲,"Don't try to fool me"也出現在美劇"Grey´s Anatomy"(實習醫生格雷)和"weeds"中。她與瑞典超級巨星Lars Winnerbäck合作的單曲在2007年曾經蟬聯銷量榜冠軍半年之久,她也曾提名為格萊美最佳女歌手,以久頗具聲望的"Rockbjörnen"音樂獎的兩項提名,並獲得國家電台P3的P3金獎。



Miss li最大的特點就是風格多變,從爵士樂,布魯斯,靈魂樂到民謠,甚至是重金屬搖滾,她都能輕松駕馭,如她自己所說,我將各種音樂類型熔為一體,我不喜歡按常理出牌,也不受固定模式束縛,隻要我覺得好玩,我也不在乎我的音樂聽起來怎麽樣,我隻是想讓聽我的歌的人感到愉快,或者是給他們一點生活的創意和靈感,如果有一天,我在音樂中已找不到樂趣那也將是我離開的時候。

Here is her own words:

Through the years (sounds like I'm really old=) I´ve been singing opera, musical, jazz, soul, pop, electro, blues, rock and even heavy-metal... The Miss Li music has become a combination of all those genres. I put a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make it sound like one. I haven´t got any rules that I want to follow or pattern witch I want fit into.. and to be honest, I don´t care what I sounds like as long as it´s fun! And the day it aint fun making music I´ll quit. I just want to put a smile on people's faces and hopefully give you guys a little inspiration to live and to do creative things in you lifes! ............. well..I´ve got to stop this grown up talk now and just let you experience my music!

(by Marisa)

Late Night Heartbroken Blues 2006

01 Spar 1 Late Night Heartbroken Blues

miss li 2006出道專輯miss li 2006出道專輯

02 Spar 2 I'm So Poor Won't You Lend Me Some Money

03 Spar 3 Hard Loved Man

04 Spar 4 Give It to Me

05 Spar 5 Seems Like We Lost It

06 Spar 6 Oh Boy

07 Spar 7 High on You

08 Spar 8 Backstabberlady

09 Spar 9 Bring It Back

10 Spar 10 Miss Li

God Put a Rainbow in the Sky 2007

01. let her go

02. all i need is you

03. I'm glad im not a proud american

04. dont try to fool me

05. autumn cold

06. I'm sorry he is mine

07. the songs we used to sing

08. Kings and Queens

09. the happy sinner

10. a song about me and a boy

Songs of a Rag Doll 2008

01.why dont you love me

miss li 08年專輯miss li 08年專輯

02.Gotta leave my troubles behind

03.Take a shower!

04.come over to my place

05.tuck you in

06.leave my man alone

07.why should I conquer the world

08. BA BA BA

09.Trouble rumble

10.Not that kind of girl

Dancing The Whole Way Home 2009












同名專輯 MISS LI

01.oh boy

miss li同名專輯miss li同名專輯

02. let her go

03.I'm Sorry He's Mine

04.Gotta leave my troubles behind

05.Why don't you love me

06.high on you

07.Kings and Queens

08. Seems Like We Lost It

09. leave my man alone

10. ba ba ba

11. Miss Li

12.Hard Loved Man

13. dont try to fool me

14. Good Morning

Miss li精選專輯 Best of 061122-071122

01Oh Boy

02Let Her Go

03I'm Sorry, He's Mine

04Gotta Leave My Troubles Behind

05Why Don't You Love Me

06High On You

07Kings & Queens

08Seems Like We Lost It

09Leave My Man Alone

10Ba Ba Ba11Miss Li

12I Can't Give You Anything

13It Was A Partynight

14Like A Holiday

15Not The One I Need

16I Thought I Knew You

17Take Me Back18Good Morning19Upside Down